Saturday, January 11, 2014

Byebye 2013!

Heeey all of you guys out there! 
So first of all a happy, happy new year. New year means new chances, new beginnings and changes! And yes we think it is kinda cheesy to think everything is gonna be different just because there is a 14 after two thousand, but new year is a nice time to look back and see and maybe even appreciate what you've done the past year. So here we go, a little recap of our 2013! Even though it was quite hard keeping up blogging every other day and we couldn't always do it, we are proud of what we've achieved this year. We are grateful for all of you guys and can't say thank you too much! You all make our day. Enough cheesiness - enjoy 2014 and don't be scared to be different than last year. Changes are what makes life exciting!
                                                         Lots and lots of love,


  1. you are doing blogging so cool compare to others bloggers from switzerland.


  2. Hello from Spain: beautiful outfits last year. Keep in touch

  3. Die Fotis sind so cool - es echt tolls recap! 2014 wird das Johr, I can feel it, haha :D However, happy new year, may all your dreams come true! :)

  4. LOVE these pictures! Hope you continue to dress so awesomely in 2014!


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